Organic soaps for dry skin- You can choose in this winter

Organic soaps for dry skin

It’s wintertime!  Only hearing this word is enough for most of us start to feel cold and shivering. The northern part of India faces chilly winds, freezing temperature, and heavy snowfall in the hilliest region of India like Uttarakhand, Auli, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, and Jammu Kashmir.  But other regions (especially in plains) such as Delhi (capital of India), Uttar Pradesh, and Haryana usually confront the killer cold wave that affects peoples’ day to day works.  Often we take more time than summer to come out of our bed because we become lazy to leave our quilts’ warmth.  Always winters come with some happiness and sadness too. Some of us feel sadness due to its harsh effects on our daily work, it makes life challenging these days. You have to carry most of the time gloves, mitten and hat.

On the other side, some of us love winters – At this time, blowing air through trees in the natural sound exciting and magical. This weather brings us together and connects us with our loved ones. That refines our relationship. Winter holidays are the best time to spend with their family to go with them in some snow-covered hilly area. And enjoy the coldest season with the warmth of excitement and prosperous feeling while spending quality time with loved ones.

Why choose organic soaps for dry skin in winter

As winter brings so mush cold with its arrival to the end of the season, it starts from first affecting our skin.  Any skin type people have to face this dry skin problem in winters. Nobody can deny the same. Because in winters, water is evaporated from our skin most frequently than any other season. So all of us have to face such skin problems like – rough, flaky, tight skin, chapped lips, cracked feet and other dry skin problems. And the people who have already dry skin can get severe outcomes from the cold temperature. Chemical-based soaps are harsh on skin because they dehydrate our skin and make it too dry and rough. And it can damage our skin very badly. We can lose all moisture from our skin due to the use of harsh chemical-based soaps. However, moisture from skin can loosen due to having a long hot bathe.

Unlike parabens contain soaps, organic soaps are most appropriate for dry skin. Organic soap does not contain any harsh chemical while the process of manufacturing the product. The soap does not lose any property in this process. These soaps are even made by hands. There is a good range of organic goat milk soaps available in the market. Those are good for skin and hair as well. One of them is goat milk soap bars provide nourishment and moisture to the skin without affecting the moisture that already skin has. This is also better to use on dry hairs.

List of organic soaps that you can choose in this winter:-


Soapwalla is one of the great manufacturer firms that make organic soap bar. This organic soap bar from Soapwalla helps to foliate the skin with green clay plus moisture with vitamin-rich shea butter. This smells like a light citrus (took from the sweet orange and tangerine), which feels so pleasant. It works on body and face for all skin types. Every soap of soapwalla is handmade and each bar hand-cut to order.


100% pure is one of the leading organic soap manufacturers. It’s pure and natural organic soap nourishes and moisturizes the skin very effectively. 100% pure soap bars are made with coconut oil, olive oil, rosehip seed, shea butter, grapeseed and avocado. These soap bars are available in different flavors- apple butter, coconut butter, mandarin butter, peach butter, Meyer lemon butter.


Snanna is one of the well-known organic soap manufacturers in India. Goat milk soap from Snaana contains Cocoa butter, kokum butter, Sesame oil, essential oil of palmarosa, castor oil, goat milk, lavender. All these real soaps are made with saponified oils only. No chemical is found in the finished soap. These soaps are 100% pure and handmade. This goat milk soap can be used to heal damaged or dry skin and it even prevents dark spots keeping skin cells healthy. These soap bars are rich in natural vital nutrients like hydroxy acids to remove dead skin cells. I have also used this goat milk soap, it worked on my dry/sensitive skin very well.


This luxurious soaps’ manufacturer is Osmia organics. This product from Osmia is made off with pure and natural ingredients like pink clay, coconut milk, shea butter and olive oil. This soap bars from osmium can give you a great feeling with moisture and smooth skin. Essential oils such as palmarosa and orange can provide your skin with an uplift with light floral scent from dry and rough skin.


SkinSense luxurious soap manufacturer is one of the popular organic firms in India.  Soap bars from skin sense are known for their product quality. These soaps are rich with glycerin that makes your skin so soft and moisturized due to its healing property. Anyone, who is suffering from dry skin problem can once use to check its awesome results on both sensitive and dry skin.


La flora organics is a well-known name among organic firms. Soap bars manufactured by La flora are used only certified ingredients that give your skin a nourishing ailment. Theses bars are very generous on any skin types.


Last but not the least in a list of organic firms is Quinta essential organics. All soap bars QEO are handmade. This organic firm does not contain any chemical quantity.  These handmade soaps contain essential oil, cocoa butter, and with good nourishing oil blends. That works on dry skin very efficiently. QEO maintains its promise of being organic to make a quality product.

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