5 Best New Android Apps 2020

If the app is just released and bring something New to the table, We ’ ll cover them in this series. Like always All the list of the apps and their google Play link will be in the description of this article, So without any further ado. Let ’ s get started Parallel Windows for Nougat. One of the major update on Android N is –.

Native multi window support To activate it. Just press and hold the recent apps button, While you are in some compatible apps And then select another app for the bottom half, But parallel windows makes it even better Say –. I want to run two instance of the same App Like comparing two yt articles side by side. Now this won ’ t be possible with default function. But with parallel windows, you can do this pretty easily.

Now, sometimes the app you want to openin Slipt view is not available in your recent apps In that case, you can open it directly from the app drawer. Now I know most of you are, do not have Android N Or even marshmallow per say, But it ’ s always good know. Where we are heading, After all, we are Android power users Right, MUVIZ, Nav Bar Audio Visualizer. Now, if you like, music ( and well, who doesn ’ t ), Then you would also like visualizers, But the problem with most of them are They are just another app.

First, you have play the music And then switch to visualizer app Too much work, But muviz is different. The moment you start playing playing The visualizer will appear beneath the navigation bar And when you stop the playback The bars are also gone And guess what Muviz work with most music player, Whether it ’ s, Google play YouTube or spotify And yeah. There are several options to choose: From Most of them are free, but some are paid as Well, But nevertheless you should use it once Weezzler, So I finally bought the m50x from Audio technica And they are really good, But unfortunately it didn ’ t play well.

With my Nexus 6 sound card, Though they were fine with my computer, So overall I needed an easy way. To play my phone: ’ s, music! On my computer Or let just say you just want to play your Phone! ’ s! Music, To your computer! Because you know better speakers, So here is how you do it Installed. This app called weezzler on your Android devices And open You, ’ ll, see see a code Now open your computer.

And go to weezzler.Com and paste the code And there we have all the music right there. Play it and enjoy it, No sign up or anything Just make sure both devices are under same WiFi network DeskDock, Free, OK, so check this out. Right now my cursor is on my desktop And now it ’ s on Android phone. So DeskDock is an app That let ’ s! You share your computer mouse with your Android smartphone Connected via USB But the story – doesn, ’ t end here With the premium version: — You can also use share keyboard and clipboard And best of all It does not require ROOT and works with every platform, Something that has never been done before.

Pretty cool Right, Though I won, ’ t say Setting it up was a peice of cake, So for those who are interested in trying This app Be sure check my tutrial on RTT Links will be in the description: — — –, –, –, –, — I ’ m thinking of doing a weekly vlog, It ’ ll, be the mixture of technology and what Goes in my head, So yeah, if you guys, are interested Just let me know in the comments below And if that happens, It ’ ll only be for my subscribers So yeah, if even if you have subscribed to This blog Make sure you enable notification as well.

That said, This is mrinal signing off And, like always, thanks for reading

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