4 Awesome Mac Features on Windows

Even if your world’s biggest Windows fan you have to agree. Mac UI is far more intuitive than Windows. So if you are making a transition from Windows to Mac or if you have never used a Mac before but would like to try out feature, then here are some of the tools that will help you out, though, before we begin, this article is not about customization Or how to make your windows look like Mac apps, like these, don’t work.

In fact they eat up your resources and make your PC slower. In fact, in this article we are going to cover applications that are actually practical and do work so with that being said, let’s get started. One of my favorite feature on Mac is quit preview for those who do know what it is well, when you click on the file and press the spacebar, a preview of the item, pops up like a photograph or article or even a document windows.

On the other hand, if you open a picture, it will take ages to open that the D photo app. Thankfully, you can try the free QuickLook app when you press the spacebar, it will show you the preview. Just like you see on your Mac computer and it won’t just work for photos and articles, but you will also be able to preview a zip or rar files, as well as the Photoshop files and the cool feature of Mac. Os is the native screenshot editor.

When you press command shift + 4 on your Mac, then you can capture any part of the screen. If you want to grab a window, then simply press the spacebar and it will capture the entire window and save it on your desktop super handy. On the other hand, to take screenshots on Windows, you will have to use the paint app. Yes, windows 10 also give you the option to automatically save screenshot. Now, if you press windows, + print screen and then it will save the screenshot in the picture folder, but still there is no option to crop it.

Fortunately, you can use app like light shot, simply install the application and then Press print screen. You can also set it to ctrl shift + 4, but it makes no sense, and then you will be able to select an area on your screen, which you want to capture once done. You can save it or copy it on your clipboard. If you want to edit it with Photoshop, but here’s the cool thing, it goes one step further than the Mac screenshot editor.

With light short, you can also annotate and edit your screenshots if you’re jumping ship from Mac to Windows, I’m sure one feature that you are going to miss most is the spotlight for those who don’t know what it is well spotlights provide you an easy way to Launch application or go to a specific settings of a page or do calculation, conversion etc. It is something that I can’t live without. It’S super useful.

Yes on Windows, you can use the search bar, but it’s not that intuitive enter fox, an open source application that gives you spotlight feature on Windows. You can launch application file search on the web. What’S even better, you can even add plugins to walks. For example, if you install weather forecast plug-in, you will be able to see weather forecasts of upcoming week, just type in forecast, followed by a city name, and it will show you the result instantly another plug-in like simple web search.

Are you to search any query on Google right there, just install the plug-in and then run any query and box will give you the result in no time how cool is that you can also add themes and customize your box to make it look exactly like Mac Os spotlight, I personally don’t use hot corners, but for those who use it a lot might miss it on Windows, for example, when I move the mouse pointer all the way to the bottom right of my screen.

It starts the slideshow or you can also set it to other things like put display to see or go to next top, it’s pretty cool. If you get used to it to get similar feature on Windows, you can use thin X corner like hot corners on Mac. It also allows you to assign specific actions like show, desktop start screen, saver or ton monitor off to the four corners of your desktop. So there you go. These were some of the windows application that I was using to get Mac OS feature on this PC.

Personally, I would love to see a era of alternative for Windows. Yes, you can also use share it and Zender, but I don’t trust this Chinese softwares. That said, let me know if you have any recommendation in the comment section below. Like always, it’s been a signing off others in earnings, one you

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