10 Little Known Tools To Grow YouTube Channel

So it ’ s time to give back to the community Hi there. This is Mrinal once again. And as promised Today, I ’ m going share with All my little known YouTube tips and tricks, But Instead of giving you generic advice, ( like upload quality content and be consistent, Etc, ), which most of you already know by now, Let ’ s be more pragmatic here, So instead, we ’ ll, see what tools you can use To do.

Your research Create thumbnail article intros animation, And all the other good stuff And for those who will stick till the end, Of this article, Well, I ’ ll have a bonus tip for you. Like always all the usefuls links will be In the description So before you come bashing in the comments, Check out the description And with that being said, Let ’ s get started: — –, 1. Creator academy. I know most of you guys don.

’ t like to read. Much but if you want to make a living on YouTube, Then what ’ s better than to learn from the experience of people? Who have done it? Creator academy is platform from Google, where you can connect your YouTube blog And set up goals And it ’ ll, show you research, content, Tailor for you Overall, it takes an hour or two to complete Every course, And every new YouTuber should go through It at least once — — 2 Tubebuddy Now another way to grow fast on YouTube is By analysing your competition, which I ’ m, pretty sure most of you guys Already do, But how about doing it? Smartly, Like using this chrome extension called tubebuddy, It reveal data you don, ’ t see in plain sight, Like is this article topic advertiser friendly? What are the tags hidden in this articles? It also gives you A lot of other options for your own blog as well like- The best time to publish a article Topic, planner Bulk update, etc, And then there is always comparison graph.

On the blog page, where you can compare your articles and views, To your competition 3 Studio App Now, most of you YouTubers might already have This app install, But in case you don, ’ t Do yourself a favour and get it asap? It ’ s available for Android and iOS And basically, a condensed version of YouTube analytics That we get on desktop So with the Studio app You can quickly, edit all the metadata on the Go And not just that.

You can also see all your analytics in one place: ( and no – I ’ m not going to tap on the revenue option ) But yeah. My fav feature is reply to comments. I don ’ t get as much time these days, But whenever I ’ m commuting or got struck, In a traffic, I make it a point to reply to some comments, And you should do that too. 4 Legend Many People often ask me What editor do I use to create for animation on my articles And Well, the truth is I don ’ t create animation from scratch And so do most of the YouTubers you now.

Instead, I use this awesome. Android app called Legend, You simple enter the text here and it ’ lll. Generate some wonderful Text animation for you, The app is totally free. Gives you 1080p footage with no watermark? There are few other similar apps So for those who are interested check out the link to my blog post 5 Automatic captions Nowadays having the proper keywords in your Title and tags Is not sufficient to rank your article on YouTube That ’ s, something everyone is doing, And this is why Having a caption subtitles for your YouTube articles, Is really important And not just from SEO point of view.

It also help cutting through the accent, But the problem is how you add, accurate captions To 100s of article, You have already uploaded That: ’ s too much work right! Well, not exactly! You can use Google voice. To text feature To automatically generate subtitles from any Of your article, The trick is to configure the system in a Way that it record the audio coming out of your computer On Mac, you can use Soundflower for this And Stereo Mix on Windows And trust me.

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The result you get are pretty Amazing, You can easily transcribe a 100s of article In few hours, And that too With surprising 90 % accuracy, I recently did a detail article on how to do That So, If you are interested check that out 6. Gleam One of the fastest way to grow YouTube blog Is — giveaway, Which you should not do all the time, But once is a while? Hosting a Giveaway is a win win for both creators, and subscribers And Gleam makes hosting a giveaway quite easy.

For creators And also unbiased to subscribers And the way it works is –, You create a contest and share it with your Subs, For instance, let ’ s, take the giveaway I ran a week ago So users can enter the giveaway By completing entries like sub to blog or liking, the social media, page Etc And once the giveaway ends Gleam will randomly Pick up winners and send them confirmation emails. Obviously, more entries, a user fill Better are their chances to win the giveaway 7 Panzoidr.

Now, if you are just starting a YT blog And looking for an easy way to create intro article Then use panoid It ’ s like blender software, but its online. There are hundreds of text templates, Although Most of them are oldish and good. For gaming blogs, But you can find some hiddens gems there And once you do, You can customize it like Change the colors size, shape, etc And download it with full 1080p No watermark or anything You can also use it to create text animation.

For your articles, I ’ ve, some minimal ones bookmarked. So if you are interested just, let me know 8 FrameBit, Okay, now let ’ s talk about make some greens Now, if you have big youtube, blog With millions of subs, then Sponsors will come to you, But if that was the case, You won, ’ t be reading this article Right, So the question is: How to small YouTubers find good sponsors And Famebit (, which is now owned by Google ) Solve this problem, It ’ s, a platform that bring the creator and Sponsors together, All you need is just 5k subs to enter.

I have tried it couple of times. And, frankly speaking, I ’ m, not the big fan of their model. They take 10 % cut from both side. So if it ’ s a 500 $ deal, the brand will pay. 550 and you’ll get 450 and then there are paypal charges extra. So what I suggest is You find the brand using framebit And then contact them directly, Most of the brand that I ’ ve work with. Also prefer working directly with the creators, a win win for both parties – 9 Canva.

If you are looking for tool to create some Elegant blog art Or thumbnails for your articles that this try Canva, Although I use photoshop for most of my thumbnails But for blog art and facebook cover Canva is my go to destination, Simply sign up for the service. Choose a design like blog business card, infographic or YouTube blog art, etc And then start creating The good thing about this. All the templates And colors are what are trending in the market.

So if you are not a graphic designer you Can reply on them And once you are done simply download your Final image, Obviously it ’ s high resolution and there Are no watermarks 10 Research tool? Typically, there are 3 major ways to get views. On YouTube, Though, search Related articles And Featured content Now, if you are just starting a YouTube blog Without any prior experience or resources, Then It ’ s better to make article that people search Like how to ’ s and tips and tricks or problem solving, etc, And once you get enough traction Make articles for your subscribers and first page? Ok, so how do you know what articles people Are searching for Well, most people suggest use Google keyword, Planner or google trends, Which does work well for websites But it don ’ t show you any data for YouTube, So in that case Use the YouTube: ’ s, build-in statistics tools, Which is also quite under rated.

Now I did a detail article on that before So I ’ ll, be quick here, Search for the topics. You think you can make good articles on And then look for the existing articles. Tap on more > article statistics and see the daily views count. For example, One day I was looking for a way to mirror my android screen on computer, So I search it on YouTube and found few articles. This one is getting 3-5k page views everyday And doesn: ’ t have much subs.

This means a-. Good number of people are searching for this topic on YouTube And if that article has outdated information, Or too many dislikes Or if you think you can bring some new perspective, Then make a article on that topic. You will get views pretty soon, So I did exactly that. And if I ’ m right After 2-3 months, this article will cross 6 Digits See for yourself — –! Well, this all for now, For all those who have waited so for Well, here is the number 1 tip for this year Earlier youTube used to boost the article that Get more views, Then it was retention, time i.

E how much % your article people are reading, And now in 2017 it ’ s read time. So what does it mean? Well, game theorist has a detail article on This, Which I ’ ll put in the description below, But the tldr version YouTube, is now only concern with the total Read of your blog, Not the individual articles, Which basically means — Upload longer articles. So if two articles are have same content, Youtube will promote the one that ’ s longer, Because by the end of the day, YouTube want People to stay on their site 2.

You need to upload as frequently as possible. Daily, if possible, Because if you upload daily, your subs will Get addicted to your articles And they will automatically come back to YouTube. Everyday, The company, don ’ t – have to give them external Stimulation So that ’ s pretty much it. I hope this article help Share it with other YouTubers. You know, But if you do that, Then these secret tricks will become not so Secret And like always thanks for reading

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