Is Gymnast AirtrackWorth It

Some of you may notice a new trend in a gymnastic. Have you seen the new and cool air pressure track that replace the old landing mats made of foam?

Yes, it is an air track gymnastic mat!

If you are looking for equipment that can provide safety for gymnastic activities at home, gymnast air track might be the answer for you. Let’s find out more!

What Is Gymnast Airtrack

Is a specialized track/mat that is filled with air pressure and can be softened for a slow and easy bounce, or firm for a fast and technical bounce.

Why Use Gymnast Airtrack

1. Easy to set up

You can inflate it easily in 3 minutes. The air track features rapid inflation and deflation, it is easy to set it up, even your kids can do it!

2. Adjustable

You can easily adjust the pressure to your preference.  If you set it to maximum pressure the AirTrack can feel hard and if you set it to minimum pressure, it will be more flexible and softer.

3. It is suitable for any gym

Suitable for recreational groups

Suitable for higher level gymnasts.

4. It is portable.

The air track is light-weighted and comes in various sizes and colors. And it is easy to move around, so you can start training whenever you want and wherever you want!!

5. Light space

It doesn’t take much storage space

6. Zero noise

No noise during training because continuous inflation is not required

Gymnast Airtrack Benefits

Not only it is great for universities, athletics gyms, acrobatics schools, and other athletic facilities. A gymnast air track offer you benefits like:

– Special.

Designed for gymnastics, cheerleading and parkour enthusiasts. You can do all kind jumps and flips!

– Safety.

With air track, you can jump as high as you want, or even do a flip! You don’t have to worry or fear about landing too hard! It provides a bounce.

It is thick enough to withstand the outside force when you are training on it, the air track is sturdy that can support you your exercise in comfort and ease, you never fear of being injured during your training

– Focus

Focusing on your gymnastics exercise with no worries which will help you boost your skill quickly in an effective way.

Gymnast Airtrack Use

If you think air track mat is always used in gymnastics exercise and only used for professional athletes, you are wrong.

It can be used on the floor, water, and grass.  Or a high-performance training or home entertainment, Just make sure there are no sharp things on the grass to damage the track.   It is also suitable training equipment for home use and its perfect for tumbling.

How To Set Up Airtrack

First, prepare a place for you to lay the air track, preferably a clean and flat surface.

Second, take it out and unroll it completely

Third, attach the adapter to the hose and connect it to the air pump. Lock it in place

Fourth, Insert the adapter into the open-air track valve and twist it to lock

Fifth, you can turn on the pump to inflate it and wait until full. You can check the pressure by testing it with your hands.

Sixth, turn off the pump and disconnect the hose. Check if the pin inside the valve is out or not? Because it should be. Also, check if there is any air leaking.

Last, twist the valve cap in place and your air track is ready to use

How To Care To Your Gymnast Airtrack

After using your air track, you should always clean it with water and soft soap. Then dry it before folding it.

Fold it into thirds lengthwise and store it in a dry place.


AirTrack is not designed to be a landing mat so please don’t try jumping from high places

Do not use the AirTrack when it’s damaged, leaking or when parts are worn or missing.


The pressure that you should use depends on the product, sports type, skill level and weight of the users. Always use enough pressure not to bottom out and refill before every new training session.


So what are you waiting for? Check out the Lazy Monk air track gymnastics mat today.

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