Tips on using the Inspect Element of Google Chrome browser

All we see is a bunch of text with images and articles right, but underneath that it is made up of HTML, CSS and JavaScript code and inspect element is a tool that lets the user interact with those code.

Now the important question here is: why should an average user care about inspect element now, what I mean to say is: it is understandable, if you’re a web developer, and then you are using inspected event, but how would an average user would benefit from it hem? Well, if you know how to use inspect element right, you can do pretty nifty stuff with it and we are going to see five of them in this article.

So without any further ado, let’s get started now. One good thing about Internet is: if you can see it, then you can download it now. What I mean to say is: if you can see an image or a article, then you can probably download it on your system, even if the webmaster, who let you do that, for example, let’s take Twitter, say I want to download the cover image from this Twitter Profile now, like always, there is no direct option here.

So what I will do is right click on the cover image and then choose the inspect element option. You will see a new window pop open from the bottom of the screen, go to the elements tab and then look for the div that led images and there you will find the surfer link of the image, simply copy paste it in a new tab. And there you see your download option simple right. Similarly, you can also use this option to download articles where there is no option to do it.

For example, let’s take Instagram so, as you know, this is an official way to download articles for Instagram, but you can easily do that with element option. Let me show you how right click on the article that you want to download and then select the inspect element option like in previous case a new window, will pop open from the bottom of the screen and in the element, tab move the cursors that the article Gets highlighted and then expand the div tag, and then we will find the download link copy paste it in a new tab and there you see the article in full resolution.

Now all you have to do is right, click on it and there is a download option right there. Now this one is the most popular use of inspect element and I’m pretty sure most of you are already aware of this. However, this click is so useful. That is worth mentioning once again. So let’s say you want to to log in to Amazon mobile app, but you don’t remember the password, but thankfully it is saved on your browser, password manager.

Now all do the browser hide the password in dots. You can see easily review it using the inspect element, simply right. Click on the password field and select inspect element scroll. The point until you see the parcel fee highlighted and then open the div tag and under input type replace the password with text. Now, click on the webpage and your password is visible in plain text: pretty cool right now, on a related note, if you are using goon, then you can also go to password google.

Com from any device sign in with your Google account and there you will see all These safe password, yeah, Google, knows a lot about you now. I have nothing against pay for the high quality content. It is a good way to support the author. However, sometimes things may get a little overboard. For example, let’s take this article on Financial Times. Unfortunately, it’s said in handy payable now, if we’re holding on to read one article, then it don’t make any sense to pay for entire month right.

So here is what you can do. Right. Click and select inspect element now go to the element, tab and click on the cursor icon and then place the cursor on the power box. Now then go to the inspect element and delete the highlighted part, and that said, but wait we still see more content. So why is that? Well, this is because bigger websites are smart enough to not render or the content inside the web page, but most websites on the internet that are using this pop up are not that smart and don’t have the resources like Financial Times.

So this trick will also work there. For instance, you might have seen pages like these, where writer asked negotiate the article. If you want to read the complete post, while in such cases, you can simply use this trick, simply right, click on it, select the pop-up and delete it now. In some cases there are also transparent layer which will avoid you to make any plagues so highlight that and delete it, and there we go.

You have the content right in front of you now. There is a practical use of this trick other than pranking your friends, but it can also show you why you should not trust any screenshot you find on the Internet, for example. Let’S say I want to edit this Wikipedia page, so all I have to do is open developer tool, then go to console and paste out of a command. I will also add it in the description of this article now close the window, and you can write anything you want here.

You can even replace the images and article so, as you can see, this is the reason why you should not blindly trust any screenshot. You see on the Internet, I know good number of people who use this trick to modify their results appending in the University websites. Now the previous trick only apply to the webpage that you see on the screen. The moment you refresh your page, the changes will be gone.

However, there is one practical implementation of this trick. Let me show you how so let’s say I am writing a post on WordPress and I have made this same spelling mistake in the entire post now. This is just an example. In your case, it could be an email that you’re typing now manually editing. These is not an option. Yes, I can copy paste a document in some word processor and then use the Find and Replace option, but then it will mess up my formatting – and this is where this inspect element console comes into picture, simply open.

The inspect element find the dividing of the text. Will you want to apply the find and replace function once you get it copy it in your clipboard, now go to the console, tab and type default income, and I will leave it in the description of this article. As well now, here replace that divided with the that you have copied and replace the before and after text with the text that you want to replace one star in tanta and as you can see, all the words are replaced now, since most editor have autosave feature.

It will automatically save this to the server as well by the way, this is also one common way how hackers penetrate the server, so that’s it for now. If you have learned something new today, then give this article a thumbs up. Also, if you have a article request, let me know in the comment section below and yes, if you haven’t already noticed, I have a new schedule running on the disk. I will be publishing new articles on every two same Saturday, so if you haven’t already subscribed to this blog, please do it now.

So until next time this is Pinal signing off and like always thanks for reading

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