10 Best Firefox Add-ons for Android To Ensure Privacy

First is Chrome, obviously for regular browsing and second is the customized version of Firefox for privacy, private browsing and ad blocking. Yes, I did side ad blocking and many other cool feature now at this point, some of you may be wondering: well why don’t we use the incognito window and chrome? Then you can use that.

However, all it does is it doesn’t keep a track of your browsing history and that’s it. Anybody who is monitoring your network, your ISP or sites like Google, Facebook. They will be able to crack your footprints even on incognito window. Now again, some of you might be wondering, then why don’t we use a building, kravid browser like firefox, focus and well again, you can use that, but for me it doesn’t cut it because it doesn’t have all the features that need it like.

It does not have tab browsing, it doesn’t suppose add-ons and it likes many other feature. So I have finally settled for the customized version of Firefox for maximum privacy. So, let’s check it out, shall we so the first around that you should install is spooning and basically what it does? Is it changed the user agent from something like angle to iPhone this way? Even if the site is tracking your IP address, we will have to assume that the new traffic is coming from some other device on the network.

Well, I highly recommend you support your favorite cater if you are using an ad blocker, but in general I don’t have anything against ad blocker, even though I’m the one who is making a living out of it. For instance, some of these sites are so broken with that that you cannot even browse them without an ad blocker. Even Google is planning to add a buildin ad blocker in chrome. However, for now we are going to use Firefox for it.

So let’s say: if you search for some shady websites and hey, I am not judging you, but if you are on Chrome, then you will get some of these pop-up apps. That won’t even go if you press the back button, but in you block origin on Firefox held. These are no proper backs and trust me. It makes a life a lot easier, Firefox’s recently of the support for been don clayback. For you, too, we just not really that cool.

However, with you to break down play that you can play any d2 article in background or even multitask. Now I know some of you might say. Well, you can do the same thing on google group, the dicks or move turn on, which is true for now. However, since both YouTube and chrome are owned by the same company alphabet, we are not sure how long it’s going to work. So it’s better to stick. The T Firefox only like I said I use Firefox or private browsing and, while doing that, I believe everything has to be quick.

You open the browser, do your stuff and then close it. However, it is pretty difficult to close the window on Firefox. The cross is so tiny, I mean if I have to open an incognito window in Rome, then all I have to do is swipe down the notification tray and tap on it. But there is no such luck in Firefox and when this is where the three-finger swipe comes in, so this extension lets you set free gestures like if you swipe left or right, then it will open the previous of next step and my favorite one is, if you Swipe down with three fingers, then it will close the current tab.

I use it all the time now. I am NOT going to go in depth here since have already explained it in the previous article, but the TLDR version is anybody can see what sites are you browsing and even set your login credentials if you are browsing an HTTP web site now for normal use? It is okay, but if you are using Firefox for private browsing, then you don’t want people to know what are you crossing right? So in that case it makes sense to use HTTPS every day.

This will make sure that every site that supports HTTP loads with HTTPS only but some websites, like Amazon India, makes the HTTPS part optional well, for that, this extension will make sure that the site only moves in HTTPS. Only now, for those who know me well, you might be aware that I listen to a lot of Ted articles and no form of YouTube articles before falling asleep. Now one thing that worries me a lot is: you cannot change the playback speed in the YouTube app just like you can do in the desktop mode.

Now there are many workaround to fix that and if you are interested check out the first thing in the description, however, the current workaround that I’m using is, with this add-on, called article speed controller. You will see a small playback option on the top of your articles, which you can tap on it and then change the playback speed to 1.1 X, 120 X or 2 X, whatever you like, and then you can also turn off your screen and enjoy the article.

Pretty cool right! Well, it’s a simple extension that does exactly what its name suggests, that is, it later download YouTube articles to mp3. Now some of you might see when you can always use online sites for that and well, you can. But if you are doing this more often than not, then it makes sense to have this extension install, though, make sure to turn on the desktop mode, because only then you will be able to use this extension now.

I don’t use Facebook much these days. So please don’t message me dear. However, I did started using it after two or three years and it has changed a lot. They are sponsored ads and articles all over it. Now, since I don’t like the official battery sucking privacy, invasive Facebook apps, so only I can use it is by going to MDOT facebook.Com from the mobile browser. So basically what it does this couple of things.

It will hide all the sponsor and political groups, and my favorite one is: it does not show you the posts that you have already seen now. My point is: if you are using Facebook just because you have to – and everybody else is doing it, then this is a better way to go around it now. This is a simple extension that does exactly what it means to this, which is invert. The color of your screen, so the background will go black and the text will go white, although I am not sure if you should do that, it is definitely not healthy for your eyes.

Now, on my anger, do I use this nightlight feature, but since many people are not going to have Android on their phone, I guess this is the only way to go about it other than slug. So here’s the thing when you open most website a small file is automatically downloaded on your system. It’S called cookie and basically, what it does is it stores the informations about login credentials, your site, preference and all these searches field cetera now usually cookies are working.

For instance, next time you open Facebook, you don’t have to log in again, however, some websites are not that good. They use cookies to track your online profile and follow you everywhere. You prove so we definitely don’t want cookies in your private value right. So here’s what you can do about it install the extension called self-destructing cookies and it will automatically detect every tracking cookie and delete it once you close that that so yeah, that’s all for now, privacy has become more important than ever.

So maybe you should follow the steps and, while chrome is never going to allow add-ons at least on Android, because if they did, then people will start making ad blockers for it. However, you can still get the additional features by using Chrome flags and if you are interested in this zone flag for Android article, just let me know in the comment section below I would love to do that so I’ll get pretty much it give this article thumbs Up if you liked it or thumbs down, if you don’t – and I will see you in the next article and for those who are wondering why I’m not able to make much article – please speak well, I have to hit on some family functions but anyways.

I will be back to normal soon and until next time. Thank you for reading

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