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I have been listening to what it was for past three years now and currently they are running a sweet deal where, instead of paying the regular fifteen dollars a month, you just have to pay five dollars for next three month. So in this article I am going to share my experience with audible how’s.

It compare to a physical book and, most importantly, if you do decide to give it a try, as I share all the awesome tips and tricks that I’ve learned so far. Now, if you are already audible, customer and just want to see the tips and tricks, then click on the timestamp appearing on the screen right now, however, I will highly recommend you read the entire article. So what exactly is audible? Well, imagine this when you were a kid most probably opinions would read a book to you before you go to bed where they had read it and you would just listen, and this is exactly what audiobooks are.

An audio version of a book and audible is an Amazon owned company that sell those books, but they are mostly known for this subscription services. A typical audiobook cost twenty to fifty dollars, but with audible subscription. You just have to pay fifteen dollars every month which you can use to buy any one book from audible, whether it’s five dollars or fifty dollar audiobook. And, of course, when you buy a book for multiple, it’s yours to keep for a lifetime.

Even if you cancel you still own the book, and on top of that there is a 30 % discounts on all the other audiobooks now $ 15 a month may seem a little bit expensive, especially in countries like India, where you can get the entire physical book For one-third of its price, so why would anyone choose audible and well for one it’s past? Most of the audiobooks are just five to six hours long, which means you can easily finish.

It involve a road trip or a day off from work. In fact, before making the Bitcoin article, I finish the book on Bitcoin in less than four hours and second, you actually get to read the book. I mean yes, if you are an avid reader, then you can always carry a book in your hand, but let’s admit it. Most of us do not have enough discipline to set each day and finish a book. At least I am NOT that, and in my experience getting the audio subscription really helps you to finish up work.

Since my phone is always with me, I can start listening to book when I am commuting or before going to bed. I don’t consider myself an avid reader, but with audible subscription. I am able to finish somewhere between 10 to 20 books in a year which won’t be possible. Otherwise. So if you are on board and want to give it a try, then here are some tips and tricks to get most out of audible, or they will understand that some people cannot stay focused while listening to audible, which is why they offer one free audio book.

If you like it, then you can continue with fifteen dollar monthly subscription, and if you don’t, then you can cancel anytime. You won’t be charged anything. However, what most people don’t know is that there is a simple trick that will help you to get to audiobooks in your free trial, instead of one simply head over to amazon.Com and search for a book that you want to listen like mastery by Robert Greene.

In this case, and by checking out, you will notice that this book, plus the another one, is on the house for a new customer, pretty cool right recently, I discovered the title. The one thing after reading GrubHub CEOs it W on Lifehacker, but when I tried to buy it with my one free credit I couldn’t download it. You do publishing right restrictions, but thankfully, unlike Netflix, it’s easy to bypass your restrictions on audible on your computer change.

Your geo location, using the extensions like ultrasurf or use a VPN, and now you will be able to buy that book from the audible text or websites. And then, if you refresh the audible app, you will see downloading pretty neat. I would stay subscribing to audible for $ 15. A month may seem inexpensive, especially if you live in developing countries like India, where purchasing parity is quite low compared to West.

So if you are thinking about cancelling your subscription already well like most of the subscription service, will try to retail you with a discounted plan like 50 % off for the next three months. Although it goes without saying that it only works once per user and who knows what it will might change their policy in future, you will be surprised to know that audible also offers a secret silver plan which cost fifteen dollars every two months instead of one meaning.

You get six credit instead of 12 for some strange reasons: audible doesn’t advertise this on their website, but if you are comfortable with sixth grade instead of 12, then ask a customer service to enroll you in a silver plan. Now some of you may be wondering: why should I go with the silver plan when I can just cancel my subscription and start it every other alternate month, well other than the simple waste of time? If you cancel your subscription, then you lose access to all your unused credit and you also don’t get 30 % discount on other audiobook.

However, with the silver subscription you get to keep your credits and who knows, maybe you can even get a book cheaper than $ 50 every alternate month when you don’t have any credit, if you finish your monthly audio book in just few days like most of us To then consider subscribing to audible daily deals which, as the name suggests off of one particular audiobook for a reduced price every day so far, I’ve got two audiobooks, which I was looking forward for for less than two dollars here.

Using this daily deal and the interesting thing is, you cannot find these kind of information in the audible homepage so far. I have tried this with my old account as well, and it worked pretty fine. This one is not exactly a tip, but it’s still worth pointing out. So if you are an audible customer, you are entitled to weightless and guarantee meaning. If you don’t like in book, then you can return it within the span of one year from the date of purchase.

No question asked: if you have paid for the book using your credit, then you will get the credit back and if you have paid for it using your credit card, then the money will be reimbursed and that’s how you become the most customer centric company in the World, however, Isis is not misusing this only written the book, if you don’t really like it remember, if you are returning a book, then most probably is the author who is getting affected and not the company itself by default, audible, downloads, lower or, as they say, standard Version of the audiobook when you buy one, but if you are like me, who always care for high-quality voiceover, then simply go to download settings in the audible app and from there choose high quality under the download folder.

And you are good to go. Finally – and I found this after a long time, so another good way to save money on audible is instead of buying your book on audible, using the credit. If you go to the kindle version of this tool from amazon.Com, you can get it for even cheaper. For instance, the audiobook artemis is priced $ 17 on audible. But if you search for the kindle version of that book on amazon, you can see that its price at 3 dollars and if you add an audiobook on top of that, then it is only going to cost $ 8 more in total.

It’S just $ 12 for both audiobook and the Kindle version and on the other hand you will be paying $ 17 on audible for just the audiobook. Obviously this doesn’t work for every book, but if you are buying in bulk, then you can save few bucks with just three extra clicks. So these were some of the tips and tricks to save money on audible, while you won’t be in next Bill Gates. For that. Try bitcoins, but the saving to add up a lot in long run.

Finally, if you find this article helpful and want to support this blog, then go check out our sponsor audible, I guess they don’t need. Any introduction now use the first link in the description to get your first audiobook free and then it’s $ 15 every month which you can cancel anytime. You want so that’s pretty much it. I will see in the next article and like always thank you for reading

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