5 Best New Android Apps

Like Always, All the download links and timestamps are in the article description, So let ’ s get started, # 1 Swiftly switch Having a bigger is, has it own pros and cons While you get more space for multitasking And browsing web Managing it with one hands is also not easy.

And swiftly switch solve this problem, So basically it adds a pie control at the Sidebar of your screen, which you can customize as per your taste like, I have to move my finger to the bottom. Of the screen, So I ’ ve added a back button. Recent apps And home button in the pie, control, And it also show my last used app here, which Is nice Now some of you may ask Well, there is nothing new in this; Their is already lot of pie, control app right Well, first of all, this app doesn’t require Any root, and from many similar apps that I have used This one is quick and stable, So there is that # 2 Hermit.

It has been a while, since the app is launched. But the list would have been incomplete if I didn ’ t mention Hermit. So basically It converts any website and into a nice wrapper Like you, can make your own tinfoil for facebook. From the Facbook website Now the important question is Why use this app Instead of using the chrome bookmark feature? Well, because Hermit has Better privacy, ( apps, cannot track you once you leave this app ).

Better battery life and has a inbuilt ad blocker And since this is chrome custom tab, the page will load much faster # 3 Native Clipboard. Now, when you copy something on your clipboard The previous copied item automatically get removed and to solve this problem, we use clipboard Manager Right But native clipboard goes one step further. Let me show you Say I copy couple of text from this page. Now, since I ’ m using a clipboard manager, all of them will get saved to my clipboard Which I can see by going to my native clipboard app Now say I have to paste them on different App Now, instead of going back to the clipboard App and copy text from there each time All I have to do is double tap on the text.

Area and Native clipboard will magically appear. At the bottom of the screen, I ’ ve using it for couple of months now, The app is stable, free and works like charm, everytime, Pro Tip With universal clipboard. You can sync clipboard from your PC as well: # 4 Chromer When you click on some link. It open that Page in webview of the app This often unstable, slow, Righ, Now imagine how cool it would be if you could Every link in chrome This way it ’ ll, load faster.

You don, ’ t, have enter any username password and you can use chrome, auto, login And well. Chromer, let ’ s you exactly that! I ’ ve been using it for months now. And can ’ t imagine my day without it The app is very stable, fast and made by a Fellow indian Really proud of that So go ahead and install chomer I highly recommend this app # 5 Dango Emojis are fun and Almost every messaging apps have built in emojis But with times they can get quite repetitive.

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So if you are looking for something new Try — Dango, But what ’ s so special about this app? Well to start with, Once you installed dango, You, ’ ll, see a chat header like fb messenger, Automatically appear near the text body, This works everywhere, whether it ’ s, — Whatsapp Hangout SMS and even YouTube comments. Now, once you type typing Dango will automatically try to read the word and show you the relevent emoji Or you can also search By tapping on the chat header And yes, it also support gifs and stickers.

But if some messaging app don, ’ t support gif –, like whatsapp Then dango will automatically convert Gif to a article And once you are done with the app Simply drag and drop it To the small overaly at the bottom. Or don ’ t touch the app for few seconds And it ll disappear automatially Overall, the app is stable and content is Good, However, if you find the app not compatible With your device, Then try sideloading it And it ’ ll work.

So this is something You guys were asking for a long time, And I hope you like the first article Now, if you guys like go like it. And want to see one such article every week or month, Then do let me know by giving this article a thumbs and comments And like always thanks for reading.

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